Hustle Hive TV is an edutainment platform built to humanize the hustle by giving entrepreneurs a means to share their stories. Everyone who lives an entrepreneurial lifestyle takes a unique approach, and our goal is to showcase the successes, failures, and pursuits of these people in order to give our audience valuable insight. This will be done through interviews, value-driven content, and a reality-style web series. 

the mission

The goal of Hustle Hive TV is to provide both valuable education and entertainment that connects with people living the modern-day hustle. This consists of exploring topics such as business development, mental health, human emotion, problem solving, relationships, traveling, and other aspects involved while building both a career and a quality lifestyle. 

There is a toxic movement that’s been breeding on social media, that manipulates young people into thinking that to achieve success, you must work 24/7, negate your health, and sacrifice everything in your life that is not relevant to your hustle. Through both value-driven content and a behind the scenes reality-style web series, we hope to inspire like-minded individuals by showing them that the entrepreneurial lifestyle does not mean sacrificing your humanity. 

the birth

Hustle Hive TV was founded in late 2019 by two brothers, Soren Dickens and Eriksen Dickens. The brothers were raised in a family of educators and entrepreneurs, and are now hoping to change the way people access information that directly benefits their futures.  The Dickens brothers founded Platinum Peek Productions in 2016, which evolved into digital storytelling agency that specializes in telling stories for businesses and personal brands.

The goal for Hustle Hive TV was to create a community of like-minded people to serve as a resource for other young entrepreneurs. Founded in San Luis Obispo, California, the group consists of entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds striving to live fulfilled lives, both professionally and personally.  

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